You can use promo videos to serve a number of purposes on your website. To promote:

  • Your company by educating visitors on its history, focus on philanthropy, strong leadership, or some other meaningful segment worth highlighting.
  • Your products
  • How a service works to improve the lives of customers.
  • A new product, service, or an otherwise big change for the company that promises to have a positive impact on customers.

Those are just the things you can do with a promotional video. But what about the benefits?


1. Outshine the competition

Because promotional videos allow you to get up close and personal with your visitors, you’re giving them a chance to see something that your competition hasn’t been as transparent about. When it comes time to compare the two, there’ll be no question in their minds as to which is better… because they’ve seen yours in action.

2. Video says what words can’t.

Ever struggled to nail the right tone in your writing? It’s a lot easier to capture your voice when you’re using your actual voice. Whether you have a bubbly personality or a wicked sense of humor, video lets your individuality shine through. And instead of writing that you’re a great storyteller or a hopeless romantic -- which, let’s face it, can feel kind of awkward and braggy -- on video, they can see it.

3. It creates an instant connection.

Maybe you rock at sales and book nearly every client you meet at a consult. The catch, of course, is that you need to schedule that consult first. Most prospective clients will scour hundreds of websites, but only send inquiries to four or five favorites -- so you may never get the chance to meet them face-to-face and wow them with your personality. A promo video lets you skip the line, so to speak, and work your charm right off the bat.

4. It builds brand recognition.

Not only can you incorporate your colors and your tagline in the overall look of the video, but you can also put a face to your work. Instead of being a random business name in a sea of business names, you’re an actual person.

5. It establishes trust.

While your website gives clients a peek at who you are, a promo video lets you tell your whole story and create a more intimate, personal connection. If you’re unsure where to start, watch a few videos from other businesses, and take notes on what words or visuals stuck with you most from each one. Think of the story you want to tell, what’s your business philosophy? What compliment do you hear from clients all the time? Did you grow up in the area, or move here on a whim with the love of your life? What’s your favorite way to spend your spare time?  Whatever your story is, a promotional video can help you share it with your clients and make them fall in love with the idea of working with YOU.